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The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and its associated regulations establish a strict and comprehensive regulatory program applicable to hazardous waste. The EPA has promulgated regulations under RCRA for new and existing treatment, storage and disposal facilities including incinerators, storage and treatment tanks, storage containers, storage and treatment surface impoundments, waste piles and landfills.

Every facility that treats, stores or disposes of hazardous waste must obtain a RCRA permit or must obtain interim status from the EPA, or a state agency, which has been authorized by the EPA to administer its program, and must comply with certain operating, financial responsiblity and closure requirements. RCRA provides for the granting of interim status to facilities that allows a facility to continue to operate by complying with certain minimum standards pending issuance or denial of a final RCRA permit.

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RCRA Orientation Manual

EPA Office of Solid Waste's (OSW) RCRA Online, a searchable electronic database of memoranda, publications, and questions and answers issued by the OSW. These documents represent past EPA Headquarters interpretations of the RCRA regulations governing the management of solid, hazardous, and medical waste.

RCRA Corrective Action & CERCLA Remedial Action Reference Guide (US DOE Office of Environmental Guidance, 1994).


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